Benjamin Weber

Jamie Rowe

I knew a man
He was a man of honor
Beautiful wife and daughter
It seemed he had the world

One day on the way
He searched for all life's meaning
He reached a kind of ceiling
He needed something more

He said
I never was second best
I never settled down for less
Life is war
Love is war
Driven to become success
He never got a moment's rest
Now he's falling down

Mr. Benjamin Weber
Mr. Benjamin Weber
Heaven sings its song for you

Hey Mr. Sir
The one who's soul is bleeding
I know the love you're needing
Know what you need inside

Heaven made a way
To give you life and healing
Not just a fuzzy feeling
But an eternal life

He never offers second best
He never gives you something less
This I know
This I know
The One that made the blind to see
And gave his life to set us free
His love is reaching down

I know a man
Who is a true believer
He's like a wide receiver
In the game of love
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