Two Men

Jamie Scott

Two men sit and talk their life stories they're
Grown men sitting under beds weeping like
Children one that cant even believe a word anybody tells them

That man
Turns to his friend in desperation
Explain what you see right from your window pane
Alright says his friend at fifteen years strong
Cause he knows that man will never walk again

I see blue birds you know what they are right
Well they flying outside
I see sunshine from afar
Hiding the rain thats in your heart
I see love in the mothers eyes
Children playing outside
It won't be long

It won't be long my friend,
My friend, my friend
Oh yeah it won't be long

Two years past just in the same religion
Five minutes of a day lit a spark in that mans eyes
Ought to hear the joy coming from him is different
Soon found his time was justified

But one morning the nurse who came to dress that painter
Found nothing but the colours of his heart and mind
Spread lay down across the bed in which came accustomed
He passed on in the night

All alone
Moving to his old friends bedside
He asked to see the view of which he spoke
All he sees is a wall made of brick
And all this time
He didnt know his friend was blind

So dear friend, wherever you may be up high
I thank you for the joy you give to me all the time
Someday soon I'll meet you on the other side
and just a week
That man had closed his eyes

They see blue birds they know what they are now
Sure they're flying outside
They see sunshine from afar
Showing the love within their hearts
They see love in the mothers eyes
Children playing outside
They know now
They've arrived
It won't be long

I Know
You're looking down on me now
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