Giants Among Common Men

Jamies Elsewhere

It's all the same, nothing's changed
Again, I find myself in the current
As I am gracelessly tossed around and around
Your words echo and your voice resounds
When we awake from our sleep
We'll know that this is where
We're supposed to be
With walls, and walls, and walls
Of water for miles

Just know that: We are so fragile
And easily broken
But I'll try my hardest
To put you back together
If you do the same for me

For now just sleep my sweet
Don't worry about what tomorrow brings
So let's pretend that
We're giants among common men
Because we've never been taller
Than our demons within

Why did you have to leave me
To fend for myself?
Am I such a terrible man?
Am I such a terrible, terrible man?
I am such a terrible man!
Such a violent and hostile man!
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