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April Senseless

Janice Doll

No kisses and no time to leave
No other hand, no other way
Then reach confidence an easy plan a good player

you are untouchable
you are not the one
and I sure you are not

I can't wait, and he kills A piece of our eternity
with his beliefs Whatever it means
We are in love He has never been in love
What else do you want I'm not ok

I'm just scared or maybe afraid
Ohh no, don't push him Ohh no, don't test him
And it was the first day that I have died
We have no consequences. We are so young

Give me it real a realist view
Give me a fight a black eye
You are fucking right. what is all about?

A diferent reaction
A revelation A single equation
To move his world

I don't care, and he fills us with a fake light and glory
And we were delighted He is fucking smart
Over mountains under our bed
I don't care And I really care

I'm just scared And I have no doubt
Ohh no, don't trust him Ohh no, don't fuck him
It was the second day that I have died
What important innocence Making us so sad
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