Think About That

Janna Long

Think About That

There is nothing like the color of the autumn leaves
And nothing like a sunset sky
And when I look at the stars in the heavens
I can't believe my eyes

There is nothing like the sweetness of a smile
And nothing like the embrace of a friend
And when I see the heart of a child
I know that I can believe in ...

Whatever is true
Whatever is noble
Whatever is right
Whatever is pure
Whatever is lovely
It can be in might
If there is anything good in this world
Just think about it
Just think about that

There is nothing like the courage of a hero
Nothing like a helping hand
No greater love than a sacrifice
Now, I know and I understand why...


If we take the time just to look around
We will see the beauty
I have no doubt
There's so much joy in this life to be found
That's why, that's why
I like to think about..

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