Hold On To Love (feat. Codany Holiday)

Jason Becker

When I was young and full of wonder
The universe was tender
Every dream I had would come true
Music was my worldview
Hearts fell at my feet
Each breath was so sweet
Life was complete

Now the past is over
I was cut down much too soon
I can’t speak, I can’t play
But this flesh has much more to say
I wave good-bye
To yesterday’s highs
Life has other plans

Love and confusion
Peace and destruction
What is the point of it all
Why must we all feel small
Our hearts are not toys
We just want real joy
Life’s just a dream

You ask me this question
Due to my unfortunate fate
How can you carry on
Without feeling hate
Love brings light to the darkness inside
Love’s the voice that sings: Hold on!

Hold on, hold on
Hold on to love

Hold on, hold on
Hold on to me
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