Accident Prone


What's the furthest place from here?
It hasn't been my day for a couple years
What's a couple more?
And if I go, don't forget the one good thing I almost did
I learned your name without words
I used my eyes, not my hands
What's the closest you can come to an almost total wreck and still walk away
All limbs intact?
And when I go, you'll be there crying out, begging me
I won't hear
I'll just go fast into this night on broken legs
A near miss or a close call?
I keep a room at the hospital
I scratch my accidents into the wall
I couldn't wait to breathe your breath
I cut in line
I bled to death
I got to you, there was nothing left
What's the meanest you can be to the one you claim to love
And still smile to your new found friends?
In the same confusing breath
You pull away and draw me in
I wanted you. You wanted more
I built this life and now it's mine
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