I Need

Jay Quinn Band

Take these walls
The fences I've erected
And tear them down
Let the corner stones fall
And are you sure
Those questions that your asking
Are you set
For the answers I give

It's your turn
To let me in your thoughts
And risk it all
All that's vulnerable
And as I dig
Through all your little secrets
Don't be scared about the things I'll find

Does anyboby know you
Does anybody want you
Does anybody love like I do
Does anybody need you
Does anybody care
I promise I will

I won't judge
I'm not looking for perfection
I am sure
The truth is beautiful
And will you run
Through all that I'm exposing
Will it satisy all your fears

I said I've heard it all before
It depends on what side your on
You say I'm outside looking in
But don't think I know how it feels to be forsaken
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