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What Happened ?!


One day ago you spoke to me
You whispered so eloquently
I'm egg-shell walkin'
On the postcard i'll send
What happened

I should've sensed it from the start
Your words were such a work of art
Syllables that broke my heart all over again
What happened

Oh overnight you changed from kind to cruel
I feel just like a fool
Why should i even pretend oh a miracle could ever mend
The bitter moments that i spend wondering
What happened

You're like the dream i can´t forget
I won't regret we ever met
I'm curious oh i hardly mean to offend
What happened

There's still one piece i can't get straight
A puzzle i have to investigate
I'm usually polite-now i can't pretend
Nothing happened

Oh darling i don't know where we went wrong
I've been thinkin' all day long
Is there some way to change your mind?
Like, a puzzle piece that i might find

In the words you have not spoken yet
I promise to let you

Talk your way back to my room
Tell me that you left too soon
Take a hold of my hand
Help me understand what happened

Cause how could you just go
Whithout telling me so
Now i'll never know

If our love is mean to be
Darling please listen to me!

Listen you just might
Change every wrong back into right
Overnight you changed your mind, you fool
How could you be so cruel
And why should i even pretend a miracle could
Ever lend a moment where i do not spend life
Wodering if what happened since then would happen
Again what happened since then

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