Away With Me

Jean Grae

Oh i will take you away with me
As far as i can
Every sky would be blue
Long as you lovin me

Listen.. the world could explode
For all that i care
Cause i'm alone with you
Think they could clone you too?
It may be too much but i'm willing, i put my money on it
You think i'm crazy, right?
You make me lady like
Like, wanting to wear lace
Wanting to say yes to giving into you
Intimacy is painless
It's easier to keep runnin than switchin faces up
Ok, i'm stuck.. do you hate me or what
I wanna date you, go steady and wear your letter pin
Or your letterman sweater like ola ray but i'm hesitant
Not you, it's me now i'm a cliché
Wanna bend plie for you flip positions as a clié? do
Just gotta relay truth i love to be together, breathe together
Jean say soon we could be forever,
See whatever we make bloom
Just afraid i could be playin out a replayed tune... look at you

Oh i will take you away with me
As far as i can
Every sky would be blue
Long as you lovin me

Attention span was a.d.d.s.
Before we met, on occassion was frequent
I know how deep i get in emotional reconnect
I'm bringing baggage like conveyer belts and leer jets
Or bellboys at the telly, we chillin in till noon
Revealing the city below us, incredible views
We're feeling the feeling below us i'm intending to
I've never felt this safe i gotta hand it to ya
As the phrases escape i'm breakin hand quiver
Must be candid lust there's no damaging, plus
Be no standards in love be lust.. yes
What's best for me never seems to ever be what's next to me
Exception... you
So excuse me if i question too thorough
Or keep you waiting i might
Break down, shake defense off
Change mind, change clothes and take the weekend off
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