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Shantytown Carnival


Tonight is free,
Tonight the streets,
Echo the sounds,
Of the carnival,

Rum will flow,
Crowd will grow,
Fillin' the streets,
As drums start to beat,

We got rhythm strong,
Burnin' in our thighs,
Celebrate all night long,
'Cause we're alive,

A rich man come,
Shantytown and slums,
Is where you find,
Girls and grindin' drums,

See her sway,
She come his way,
Swinging her hips,
Just melt all else away,

Fire burns behind,
Velvety eyes,
Slim silky waist,
Can mesmerise,

This stranger gone astray,
In dark alleyways,
Chase her through the crowd,
Drums beatin' loud,

(Oh-oh-oh-oh, shantytown)
(Oh-oh-oh-oh, shantytown)

Dance like a blade,
Each move she makes,
He shudders with a start,
She's cut into his heart,

The crowd's pressin' in,
They dance face to face,
We all cheer and grin,
When they embrace

(Oh-oh-oh-oh, shantytown)
(Oh-oh-oh-oh, shantytown)
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