Now She Knows She's Wrong


It's not the same without him here
20 years of him dead and gone
This vodka does a memory clear
Though it's too hard to imagine what these
Tears are for

A walkin posterboy for all that's good
He got swallowed by the cracks
Before he understood
She likes to think he loved here but it
Hurts so bad
Cos now she knows
She's wrong

It always seemed to strike
Her strange his working late until
The morning spending as much cash
And the sweet smell of his angel's
Hair that seemed to cling to his
Lips like a wax moustache

A walking monument to dna
Makin love under the podium at
The p.t.a
He's the principle of principles this
Love gone bad cos now she
Knows she's wrong

It hardly seems worth it baby
Too late in asking why
He juggled his honesty with 2 balls and an alibi
Now she knows that
Now she knows that
Now she knows she's wrong
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