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Jenna G

You touched me for the first time
I wanted it inside
oh the feelin you givin'
now it gets better every night
we change position, kissing
Then you switch it up on me

Got my heart and my head spinning
Shakes my body, and my legs give in
Landing on my skin a butterfly kiss
On my face, down my back
Ôgainst my thigh man its bliss
I don't know how you know what you doing
But I love what you doing to me, oh baby

How ya make me go ooo
Oh you make me ooo yeah!

Oh baby gives it so right
Please my body all night
This is real, oh this real
And I don't need to tell ya
Jus how you can make it better
Cause it is, oh yes it is

Touch that part and my souls living
Feel inside the desires singing
Wanting on my skin your two lips
cross my chest, down my side
Ôgainst my neck man its bliss
I don't know how you know what your doing
But I love what your doing to me oh baby

Touch me on my shoulder
Hold me round my waist
Whisper what you want to do
Say you wanna' taste of my love
Lay me down im under
You look into my eyes
Away your hands they wander
And find the place that makes me scream it
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