Givin' up is hard to do when you really love someone.
Givin' up is so hard to do when you still depend upon
His word and his tender touch.
His kiss and his caress.
Oh, oh it used to mean so much
And bring your happiness.
Givin' up is so hard to do. I've tried, but it just aint no use.
Givin' up is so very, so very hard to do.
I said, I've tried, but it just ain't no use

But my light, but my light, my light of hope is burning (yes it is).
Burn! Burning in my heart. I pray
That my love and faith in a man will bring him,
Will bring him back some day.
Hey, hey, hey yeah!
Oh whether, whether, whether, whether
Whether, whether he knows or not
He he he he really needs me too, yes he does!
You know the man is all I've got, yes he is

And givin' up, givin' up, givin' up is so hard to do. Hey hey yeah.
Givin' up is so hard, so hard for me to do. Hey hey!
Givin' up is so very hard for me to do, oh!
I I, I dont wanna lose your love. Because it means
It means so very much to me, oh!
See, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes
Late in the evening, when I'm all alone

I turn out all the lights, and I hold my pillow tight (yes I do).
I just say oh! Oh! Ooooooh! Givin' up! Don't make me do it baby.
Dont make me do it, don't make me, don't make me.
Hey hey yeah! Baby baby

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