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Lily And The Stranger

Jenny Dalton

La la Lily -she's a bell in a saloon

And I know how you got yourself
into that run-down place
You never really had a little girl's innocence

Some men they'll take it from you
before you've learned to say mother
Some men they'll take it right from you

La la Lily - she is held by an anchor

The air was deadly still
the night she planned to get away
The stranger showed up just in time
to push the winds each way

Silent he was watching
like a calm before the storm
Some men they'll give it back to you

Oh, the things they'll do

Lily and the stranger
(The Jack of Hearts goes straight to your heart,
now Jimmy can't stand in the way
Another ghost in this ghost town'a hunt down,
jack knife, a dark night get away)

La la Lily give my best to Rosemary
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