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For Your Eyes Only

Jeremiah Bowser

I don't care what it looks like
This love has to be released
I don't care what it sounds like
It's with the heart that You are pleased
This love , it builds up inside me
An explosion, the only relief
Here I come with my worship
Uncompromised, no matter who sees

chorus 1:
I'll jump and lift my hands
'Till I can barely stand
As I give my all to You, in worship
I will bow down to my knees
Facedown before my King
All this to be seen by Your eyes only


chorus 2:
I'll sing 'till there's no voice
Then with every breath, rejoice
As I give my all to You, in worship
If I shout Your highest praise
Or stand silently amazed
A sacrifice is made for Your ears only

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