A Lion Has Roared

Jeremy Horn

We can hear Your voice speak like the thunder through the mountains
Still we hear You in the whispers to our hearts
And You've revealed Your mysteries through the prophets of the ages
Still we hear You speaking mysteries to our hearts.

Oh a Lion has roared, a Lion has roared
Who will not fear, who will not fear?
You have spoken I cannot be silent

When we hear Your voice speak, God we tremble yet we respond
In Your presence God with reverence we proclaim

Let me hear Your voice, let me speak Your words oh God
Let me hear Your voice for I desire to prophesy

Let me know Your voice, make it loudest in my life
Let me know Your voice for I desire to prophesy

Let me be Your voice, let me speak what's on Your heart
Shake the earth and roar for I desire to prophesy.
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