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Dancing on the head of the Serpent


There's a fallen angel on a throne
in every capital city
Ruling with "wisdom" that manipulates
the children of this century
Pulling the kings like puppets on strings
bowing their knees to him

Dancing on the head of the serpent
Dancing on the head of the serpent

His name is lust, his name is pride
His name is deceptive knowledge
But still he has a nail in his eye
he can't buy the saints in the city
He tries and he tries but they won't compromise
They show him no mercy no pity
and that's alright, that's alright

Dancing on the head of the serpent
He sits on a throne with an arrogant smile
thinking he's gonna stay there forever
But the King of the Saints is mounting His steps
there is a judgement to settle
And in a short moment his face turns surprised
before he is thrown to the ground
That's alright, that's alright


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