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Let It Be Love (feat. Rico Love)

Jessica Sutta

Turn the lights on!
Is it you the love that I’ve been waitin’ for?
Call my name, say it loud and clear
Is it true that I don’t have to wait no more?
Cuz until I hear your voice, I’ll be here
I swear I ain’t go other way

Someone’s knocking on my door right now
Dear God, please let it love
So long I’ve been waiting for right now
Ooh God please let it be love
Let it be love
Dear God, let it love
Dear God why can’t you let it be love?

Can you please, give me a sign
Tell me real, upon me, thanks I’m hearin”thanks”
Wanna believe
I swear it’s like I can almost feel, almost hear
But if I open up my heart
Then I reveal, how’s the only love to heal,

It’s alright, don’t keep me hittin’
And results make very
All I need is you me and a stereo
Someone’s knocking at the door, right now
Someone’s close to be on the floor right now
Can you guess who?
Yeah you, you should be so blissful

And I ain’t even meet you and I already miss you
I guess Cupid be on that bullshit
You need to get a pistol
A grenade or a missile
Can’t wait til I get you
We can make it official

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