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We Own The Night

Jessie And The Toy Boys

Another day is done and i've begun
When the moonlight come i'm free to run
Wanna have some fun, erase the sun tonight

I wanna burn some money that i don't got
Just line em up, take every shot
Gonna sign the check like an autograph tonight

Hey - you ready for the rock show?
Hey - bling bling in your limo
We - boom boom like an echo
So - come come to the floor yo!
Ahh, you wanna come with me?
I'll make you a believer
You won't believe what you see yeah

When sun the goes down on the boulevard
That's when we all turn into stars
We own the night (x's 3)
When sun the goes down on the boulevard
Roll with us don't matter who you are-
We own the night (x's 3)
(everybody put your hands up)

Don't need no v.i.p.
Don't need your "drinks on me"
Keep your bubbly- i get mine for free
Turning up the bass and stick it in your face...

Can't hold back a dreamer, the way that i feel
I'm tired of waiting, i'm making it real
We're gonna take this town tonight

(are you in ? are you out? cuz the party's about to jump off of the roof- the roof is on fire!)

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