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Hello Goodbye

Jessie Daniels

Verse 1: you invade a lot of my thoughts
Thinkin' you've got me where you want me
Guess again, maybe you forgot
You've been replaced
And i've been set free
Let's keep it short and sweet

Chorus: hello, goodbye, hello, goodbye
I don't have time to waste
I'm over you
Found someone new
There's nothing left to say
Hello, goodbye, hello, goodbye

Verse 2: you come around tryin' to bring me down
Tellin' your lies, but i'm not buyin'
Deep inside i've come alive
My eyes wide open, feels like i'm flyin'
So don't make me repeat


Bridge: so when we meet again
Don't act like we're still friends

(chorus 2x)

I'm so over you
Don't wanna see your face
Don't wanna know your name
All i have to say is
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye,
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