Just Call Me

Jet Set

Nobody cared what I thought opinions
Nobody gave me a choice
According to you I should still be afraid
You wanted to control me
You didn't give a shit about my tears
I'm not afraid of you now cause freedom means the most
You wanted to steal my soul
I didn't let you
You wanted to destroy my faith
So, call me and tell me
That "I'm sorry" - DAD
That "I'm sorry"

Just call me
Tell me it's your fault this time
Just call me
You can still turn back the time
You said to me, I don't stand a chance
Without you I'll be lost
Just call me
I will tell you that I'm strong

This is a litle story about a girl I use to know
From a small town, no job, family have no money
Yawl know how is goes
Poorly educated taught to use what she can
She was sold by her dad to on older man

Just call me...

He took her to his castle, which was in another land
He kept her in the basement, tied up by her hands
And she swore to escape if she ever got the chances
She was beaten, raped and sold like a whore
(and so much more) to oll of his friends
Till one day she got lose and killed hem with her bear hands
Sadden inside, becouse of the circumstance
Couse homicide wasn't never in her plains
But my life is changing now
You wan't see me cry this time
You won't see my tears no more
So, try your best and say I'm sorry

Just call me...

This is some thing that I'll never forget
As a child I held it all in
Till today I'm still crying on the inside

As the day's turned to night
And night turned to morn
Hunger set in she was completely lost
Not knowing what was really going on
Servile was the key
She had to use her skiles once again
What she new best
Was how to seduce another man
Don't take this in passing
Mabe its true, it happen to this little girl
So it could happen to you
Heed these words people
Feel me
Don't you know, it could happen to you to
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