Chaos (The Construction of Future)

Jimmy Andrade

Someday you'll see
That above all things
There's something
That tou can believe

Someday you'll see
That my world needs you
Then, please, pay attention:
"The construction of future"

See, the chaos is close to me
And the lights that you see
They come from...

"No, I'll break all the rules
See, the chaos was set up"
Now, I'll speak... to the humans

"Yes, I'll take all the roads
See my life... to where it goes?"
Then, I'll speak... to the humans

But I see that you see
Boy, you will never agree
There's no will to do a revolution

These things seems what I hear
Maybe we never will see
The whole confusion

And my world ask for aid
And your world ask for aid
Ops! Now I see that yours and mine...

These are simply our world
There's only our world (4 xs)

Now I'll break all the rules
See, I'll speak to the humans

To the humans...
To the humans...
To the human beings...

Someday you'll see
These things will never could be
A whole confusion
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