Jimmy Martin

You Have Heard And Read About The State Of Tennessee
down In The Southern States Is Where I Want To Be
where The Valleys Are So Green And The Mountains Are So
you Will Know Just What I Mean When You Hear Them Say

tennessee (Tennessee)
i Hear You Calling Me (I Hear You Calling Me)
the Home Of Davey Crockett In The Hills Of Tennessee.

when I Was A Little Boy Around The Folks Back Home
my Mother Always Said To Me Jimmy, Please Don't Roam
now That I Have Gone Away My Heart Is Full Of Woe
when I Think Of Mom And Dad That's Where I Want To Go

if Ever I Get Back To That State Of Tennessee
i Tell You There'll Be No More Roaming For Me
there Lives A Sweetheart Who Said She'd Marry Me
as Soon As I Get Back To That State Of Tennessee
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