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    Jj. 45 - The Lover After Me

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    Jj. 45 - Woman Trouble Feat. Djh

The Lover After Me

Jj. 45

Here I go again I promised myself, I wouldnt think of u today, It's been 7 months and counting. You've moved on i still feel exactly the same It's just that everywhere I go all the biuldings know your name like Photographs and memories of love. Steel and granite reminders The city calls your name and I can't move on Ever since you've been gone The lights go out the same The only difference is you call another name To your love To your lover now To your love, The Lover After me Am i all alone in the universe There's no love in these streets I have given mine away to a world That didnt want it anyway So this is my new freedom It's funny i dont remember being chained But nothing seems to make since anymore Without you im allways 20 minutes late Chorus And time goes by so slowly The nights are cold and lonley I shouldnt be holding on but im still holding on for You Here I go again i promised my self I wouldnt think of you today But im standing at your doorway Im calling out your name cos i cant move on Chorus to end

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