Dear World


Dear World, are you listening?
Dear World, who's left to care?
Dear World, put a stop to this,
Cos someday we won't be there

And it'll be all ourbfault,
When all of our children fall...

Dear World, what's the point of this?
Blind eyes on everything.
Someday we'll look back on this
Too late, but then we'll say...

I could've done something more,
But I waited just too damn long.


I've been doing nothing,
Although I'm seeing,
Something's truly wrong.
I just didn't bother,
But now I wonder,
Why I took so long.

We think we're untouchable,
We think we'll live forever,
When truth is unthinkable,
That's when we turn away and

Just leave it to someone else,
Cos we only care for ourselves...


You've been doing nothing,
Although you're seeing,
Something's truly wrong.
You just didn't bother,
But now you wonder,
What is going on?


Oh but that's alright, it's all okay,
Let's just leave it for another day.
And when it all comes down,
We'll just look around,
Plenty to say,
Fingers point every way
Except in your own face.


So we've been doing nothing,
Although we've been seeing,
Everything's so wrong.
We just sat on the border,
Expecting each other,
To get a move along
So we just never bothered,
Is it any wonder,
Everything's gone wrong?
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