Joanna Wang

Goodbye my love
I'm goanna miss you
When I go I promise to forget
I'd never twist a story sideways
I was traveled different highways
And it always leads me back to you again

We connected through the distance
With electric hearts somehow
Still dreaming bout tomorrow-oh oh
But all we have is...

Now now
All we have is now
The future's on illusion
Don't fall for empty vows
All we have is now

Staons on the paper
Are tears from yesterday
When the colors start to fade it's like it rained
My thoughts could fill an ocean
I'm drowing in emotion
And we'll never have this moment back again

Chain a light through all the bridges
That somehow kisses the sky
And the angels tart to cry
Cause all we have is...

Sounds of silence cross our minds
It's not the record playing
We're closer
All we have is now
And in this one reality
Single words come suddenly
An accident of melody and harmany
All we have is now
Cause all we have is...
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