Never make your move too soon

Joe Bonamassa

Three days of snow in Birmingham,
Thought you might wonder where I am.
Rang out your number all night long,
Ain't no comfort - telephone.
Ran out and caught a midnight flight.
Thought a little love would make it all right.
Landlord said you moved away,
Left me all those bills to pay.
Look out baby, never make your move too soon.

Left me with all your credit cards.
This life in Vegas sure ain't hard.
Ran it up to fifty grand,
Cashed it in, in my hand.
That kind of word can get around.
Make a lost love come up found.
I hear you knocking at my door,
You're not living here no more.
Look out baby, never make your move too soon.

I've been to Spain, Tokyo,
Africa, Ohio.
I never tried to make the news,
I'm just a man who plays the blues.
I take my lovin' everywhere,
I come back, they still don't care.
One love ahead, one behind,
One on my arm, one on my mind.
Look out baby, Oh Yeah...
Whoa yeah...
Oh, never make your move too soon.

Hey...Whoa yeah...Yeah...
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