Cryin' Out Loud

Joe Lynn Turner

I never saw it coming, I feel like such a fool
Somehow I should have known
Now all the lies are true
You say you have your reasons
Don't cut it, it don't play
It really doesn't matter anyway

There was a time you'd come running
When I'd be walking through the door
Now I'd be suspicious was it me who you were waiting for
I can't believe that's the way it's going to be
Can't face another night in misery

What's over is over, what's done is done
Can't hide from the heartache, there's nowhere to run
You leave me with nothing, though I had it all
You can't hold on when the love is gone
A house of cards will fall

It's the same old story, time and time again
We started out as lovers, and now we can't be friends
It's a sorry situation, a tale of broken vows
Ain't no use in acting so proud
Baby's got me crying out loud

I'm going through the motions
Every day I feel the same
I know that I don't want you back
But it doesn't ease the pain
Sometimes I kind of wonder
About what we really had
How could something so good feel so bad
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