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4 Guns West

Joe Perry Project

Four guns west, this is not a test
A hawk is about to fly
San Diego, L.A., San Francisco yesterday
Rocking up a ??????
Rode into town and loose with a sound
There's no doubt who's the best
High noon came on the trail again
Fastest guns in the west
Book 'em baby
No absence of man ???? we rode into Dallas
Our chambermaids didn't object
But the ladies in Austin, lord it was exhausting
Running with us neck and neck We had 'em in rage, we blew them off the stage
In Whichata ?????? next night
We thought we conquered ??????, Texas won't be the same
Four guns are our midnight

Here they come

East we ride, wanted dead or alive
In Tampa Bay, the stage was set
We had to make bail to spring the gang out of jail
Manatee county can't forget
Take your pistol off the wall
And ?????????????
Cincinnati is under attack
There's blood on the walls, cops in the halls
See you when we get back
Golden gate bridge

Now hold on!
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