Love Is Only a Feeling

Joey Bada$$

Look, I love her curves but what's more preferred
Is the way she articulates words
Can't help observe and stare
When she in the mirror

Masking the massacre while she fixing her hair
I mean she so perfect
In her own little world

We built the foundation, everything I want in a girl
And it's a matter of time until her last name mine
You got potential baby, just imagine us combined
I wanna see you shine like the gem that you are

Want you be so secure that they can see from afar
That you don't need another man
And you can stand on your own
Let's keep stacking your bread

And one day we gonna get gone
And get, away from here
You're the only reason I be, staying here
Wanna paint a picture, let's make it clear
The future so bright baby, race you there

Love is only a feeling
Love is only a feeling
Love is only a feeling
Love is only a feeling

Girl you talk too much, need to relax
No stress please, just please roll us a fat
Blunt so we can smoke, and fill the room with love
You buzz 'cause I'm feeling the groove with this one

Come take you a sip, let's dance under the moon
They way that it's lit, got me feelin' the mood
To vibe and be tuned, I'm so into you
Let's lose track of the night and stay up til it's noon

Watch the sun rise and watch the moon fall
Let's leave a few wheels, surprised when you spawn
Back from the world of infinite beyond
Roll your eyes back and let's keep on going

Come take a ride, I'll be your chauffeur
I wanna make you sing to me as your toes curl
I love it when she doing all the things I showed her
I think our love formin' that's what I owe her

Love is only a feeling
Love is only a feeling
Love is only a feeling
Love is only a feeling
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