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Lost And Found

John Anthony

You left me alone
Emotional nowhere
No claim to my heart

You walked away
As if to say
You don't need me

Don't worry baby
I'll be alright
I gotta be
Be strong

Lost and found
(That's where I'll be)
Lost and found
('Til someone finds me)
Lost and found
(Please someone find me)

Seems the view changed
You can't find
Your way home
You're not sure
Just where to turn

And now it feels like
There's something
Missing, baby
You seem
A little concerned

Lost and found
(That's where you'll be)
Lost and found
(With no trace of me)
Lost and found
(Not me)

Now you're cryin' baby
'Cause you
Can't replace me
No one like me
In your sights

Now who's
The lonely one
Looking for love
And who's the one
You need tonight

Lost and found
(Waiting for love)
Lost and found
(The kind you dream of)
Lost and found
(You know it when you
can't get enough)
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