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Lucky To Be Me

John Pizzarelli

I used to think it might be fun to be
Anyone else but me.
I thought that it would be a pleasant surprise
To wake up as a couple of other guys.
But now that I've found you
I've change my point of view.
And now I wouldn't give a dime to be
Anyone else but me.

What a day-
Fortune smiled and came my way-
Bringing love I never thought I'd see.
I'm so lucky to be me.
What a night-
Suddenly you came in sight-
Looking just the way I hoped you'd be.
I'm so lucky to be me.
I am simply thunderstruck
At this change in my luck.
Knew at once I wanted you.
Never dreamed you'd want me too.
I'm so proud
You chose me from all the crowd.
There's no other guy I'd rather be-
I could laugh out loud,
I'm so lucky to be me.
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