A Long Way Down

John Wesley

When i look into your eyes
It worries me what i see
Some kinda storm blowin around
Darlin you know there is nothing i can do for you
Cause i'm not the one you thought you found

Keep you distance
There's no chance of holding me
Trust me - it won't do you any good
I know this is not what i promised you
I never seem to keep the ones i should

Don't look - it's a long way down
Watch out it's a long way down
And getting up ain't something you've got left in you
And if you fall - i will not be around
Careful love, it's a long way down

Maybe allof this went just a little far
A subtle response to a letter i read
My intention was only to humble you
Seems l've brought you to your knees instead
So careful love - it's a long way down
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