Save Me

Johnette Napolitano

at the moment everything started falling apart
I heard a train on the roof and a burglar alarm
and a shaking foundation
and I tried to hold on.
everything was wrong, so very wrong
I had a shot and a chance and what was left of my will
still I better keep still, I thought, I'd better keep still
I crawled up the stairs all sad and slow
what if this was the end? well here I go
What if this was the end? well here I go

and then windows breaking
and the dogs barking
and the water rising, and a woman crying

save me! I'm giving up
save me! I'm going under
save me! I'm giving up

I walked it out
I held my own in the dark and I was praying out loud

walls were falling down and I prepared to drown
yeah I was going down. going down
and the sky was screaming and the water high
and I was so very tired and I smelled something on fire
I held up my head, it was something you said..
something you said..

and the windows were breaking
and the dogs were barking
and the water was rising...
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