Troublesome Waters

Johnny Cash

Troublesome waters much blacker than night
Are hiding from view the harbor's bright light
Tossed in the turmoil of life's stormy sea
I cried to my Savior, "Have mercy on me"

Then gently I'm feelin' the touch of His hand
Guiding my boat in safely to land
Leading the way to heaven's bright shore
Troublesome waters I'm fearing no more

Troublesome waters around me do roll
They're rocking my boat and wreckin' my soul
Loved ones are driftin' and livin' in sin
The treacherous whirlpools are pullin' them in

(Repeat Chorus)

When troublesome waters are rollin' so high
I'll lift up my voice and to heaven I'll cry
"My Lord I am trusting, give guidance to me
And steady my boat on life's troubled sea"

(Repeat Chorus)

Troublesome waters I'm fearing no more
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