All I do Is Drive

Johnny Cash

Well i asked an old truckdriver about life out on the road
If he does a lotta singing when he's bringing in his load
If there's a pretty waitress crying for him every hundred miles
If he gets a lotta loving if he has a lot of smiles
And i asked him if those trucking songs tell about a life like his
He said if you want to know the truth about it here's the way it is

All i do is drive drive drive try to stay alive
And keep my mind on my load keep my eye upon the road
I got nothin' in common with any man who's home every day at five
All i do is drive drive drive drive drive drive
[ guitar ]
Well we shared a cup of coffee then i had to warm it up
And his greasy fingers trembled as he held onto the cup
And i said don't you hear a lot of music see a lot of sights
But if you'll tune into the grand ole opry saturday night
I will dedicate you a trucking song to which you can relate
He said you just do the singing and i'll do the driving mate

All i do is drive drive drive...
If i can get the fuel fuel
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