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Einstein's Idea

Johnny Flynn

Come let's be gentle, be soft in my arms
There's moonstorms been brewing and grain in the barns
Your mother is sleeping, I'll play my guitar
The twilight is keeping us close to the stars

Here's where the stories live, here with the peace
Oh the kindly ol' night wrapped warm in her fleece
Oh dream up a hot day, oh dream and be full
Of Orion, his bow, the plough and the bull

Oh, my darling

Go trust in their strength for these are your friends
And pledge in them now for their love knows no end
The bull looks a meanie but he's on your side
And he pulls the plough which comes and divides

Put space in the heavens, Einstein's idea
And he's your friend too, so nothing to fear
Orion'll help there, his darts find the dark
And all you need do is watch for his mark

Oh, my darling

The suns and the moons and the galaxies far
Were cast from his bow before they were stars
Oh and the gap in-between them is nothing to us
Our eyes cut the distance as loving eyes must
From me unto you son from dust unto dust

Oh, my darling

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