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If You Go

Jon Secada

Taking a day at a time
Dealing with feelings I don't wanna hide
Learning to love as I go, baby
Without taking you along for a ride

Tried to find miself
Tried to find the truth
Get out from this shell
Girl I'm almost there
To show you how much I really care


If you go say goodbye
There'll be something missing in my life
'cause you know
That all I really want is you

Sorry if you felt misled
But I know what I feel, I know what I said, baby
God I hope you believe, believe in all that we can be
The future in us together in love

You are the reason I'm strong
Don't you think I don't know
This is where I belong
Give me the time
To say that you're mine, to say that you're mine

[Repeat chorus]

Tried to find myself
Tried to find the truth
Get out from this shell
Girl, I'm almost there
So let me show you
So let me show you

[Repeat chorus]
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