I'll Make You See

Jonatas Faro

If only I could let you know
That you are just everything
My heart wishes for
I know that you would come to me
To give me the love
I need that love that I've been looking for

Cause I know, you're the one
You know there's just no way
For us to replace this love inside
No, no, no
One will take this love from me
Forever and ever

You'll be my girl, can't you see
That I'm in love with you

If only I could make you see
This love is so good to me
So I just can't let go
You give me the love I need
And then I can fly away
Fly to be right by your side

If I had to cross the deepest sea
If I had to catch the highest star
I know I would do anything to be
With you, cause I believe this love
Will last forever… forever
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