Average Jo

Jonny Was

I've been thinking how we used to be before
Now that I've been sleeping all alone
It's kinda funny but I thought I'd miss ya more
But instead I'm sleeping like a stone
Well, I'll be honest 'cuz it hasn't been easy
getting out there into the unknown
Everytime i start to feel a bit queasy
I remember to unplug the phone!

I know that, yes, we tried
but I could not get over
All the times you had to lie
Its been hard
but I am finally ready
to look past your charm

Do you remember when we lived on Hollywood
walkin' up an down the streets alone
I remember all the words you said to me
I remember because you were stoned

I know that, yes......

Haha! It's good to be on my own
Don't gotta deal with your shit no more
You probably thought I wouldn't kick you out of my
But now that I have I know you want more

I know that, yes.....

(I know) it was hard for you to stay
(I know) that you couldn't walk away
(But now) I think we can give it up
(Right now)I don't wanna push our luck
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