I still miss you
And it makes me feel blue,
And I'm lost
Without those colours of you.
I can't think straight
I just wanna be.
Wherever you are
When your not here with me.

Blend with my blue
Those colours of you.
Please help me
See it through ooh.
This journey I must
Take all alone.
I blend my blue
In those colours of you.

I lay down and cry
And the rivers are dry,
Oh, to unvail my heart
When you kiss me goodbye.
And when you set sail
Fair winds... all the way.
So, farewell
That's all I can say.

Blend with my blue
The colours of you.
Oh, please help me
See it through ooh.
This journey I must
Take alone.
Oh, so just blend your
Colours with my blue.

And I know
I'll find my love tonight
I can feel you reaching out
I got this feeling deep inside
It's in my head
It's in my heart.

I know
Your love tonight
And I know
You'll be by my side.
I know
You'll help me see it through.
Blend your colours
With my blue.
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