You got my heart and soul
Something that I think you know
Boy you're my kinda flavor
With your kiss, with your touch
You make me feel so much
I wanna return the favor
It's pure rhapsody baby
When you take me up there so high
Don't hold back on me baby

I just wanna ride
This feeling all night long
There's no one else for me
So take me where I want to be
I just wanna ride
This feeling on and on
Until the break of dawn
And all the stars above are gone

Everytime you look at me
Gives me shivers, I can't breathe
What's on your mind baby
There are no secrets here
Just be open I don't care
Let your emotions go crazy
Make a list of your wishes baby
See if I can make 'em all fly
Don't hold back on me baby

Anytime, anywhere
All I do is think of you and I'm walking on air
Anyplace, I don't care
You're gonna be in my dreams, 'cause my heart wants you there

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