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Baby Baby

Josh Golden

Walk in the room
I know you see me,
cause I can see you
take now to breath
Cause I'm about to take the air out of your lungs
show me we'll see how this night will go for you and me
Cause I'm alone tonight and you know you are too
So lets make this right
thats me and you

(Baby baby tell me what your gonna be
Baby baby show me what your gonna be
Cause I've been wasting all this time on the move
Do you feel it too theres no one in the room)

Well it's a little harder than I thought
The door to your heart is not locked
Well I guess it's me who needs to breath
Is it hot in here?
Is it hot in here?
Is it just me that sees you?
Do you see me too?
cause your alone tonight
And I am too
Can we make this right?
that's me and you


And I was like
And you were like
And we were like let's go dancing
we'll skip a step or two
Cause I'm through with these games

Baby baby girl I need you
Baby baby you need me too
And everything will be just fine when I'm with you
when you do like you do
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