I Couldn't Wait

Josh Rouse

Covering you, cradle your head
Hellacious view, salacious red
Simple problems send the pain
You take your bicycle out of the rain

People you, both hated
The problem, you're jaded
I hear you don't any way

For I call, my heart attack
Shed me a tear, make me a mess
I would not call you up this late
If I'da known you'd be this way

Proud shapes, before you
Call maybe, I'll know you
Everyone, the will all the same

I couldn't wait
I couldn't wait
I couldn't wait

I fiddled, you faked it
More riddled, than rated
How many fingers do i have up

Thought maybe you would like to wait
Out in the lobby, while they debate
The uncertain future, it's close at hand
Laid out like doughnuts, the promised land

We parted we waited
We lost and we hated
How much of this can you really take

I couldn't wait
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