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You're the cocaine

Joshua James

Well I broke, I wrote a song
About our love, and how its strong
How your kisses keep me warm.
And even when I make you cry,
I'll still sing you lullabies.
Make those grey clouds bright blue skies.
Because you're, the cocaine in my veins.

This is something I regret
Not confessing how I felt,
How my heart beats quicker still.
So melt your body into mine,
Become as one over time,
Lord shake her bones and make her mine.
Because you're, the cocaine in my veins.

And darlin the dirt beneath your feet,
And the scars that line your knees,
Are what keep me moving on, are what keep me moving on.
When broken down out on the streets,
And not a sign that I can see
You're the compass that I need.

You're the cocaine inside my blood stream
You're the bright light, the constant moon beam
You're the north wind that will carry me home.

You're the woman I've been looking for
Because you're the cocaine in my veins

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