Where It Went


I feel it. It's coming on
Beaten sorrows of days gone wrong
When this song is over I'll hang my head
And think of all the times of broterhood
And things we said
And what it meant, what it meant to you friend

And where it went
And what was said
And where it went

Time, time, time goes slow
And I stil have so far to go
And I can tell you just where I've been
But I know that feelings isn/t coming back again

And where it went
And what was said
And where it went

I think back to the things I've said
And I thought that I was right at the time
I look back at the things I've done
In times when compassion was so hard to find
Now I'm stronger, so much stronger
And I'll confront myself
I'll live and learn and love it
I'm not afraid to change myself

Because we're here
It's our time to get things right
Our problems will crow if we turn and run
It's time to get things done

Do you feel what I feel?
Do you feel the same?
I can look you in the face
And I know I've lost a friend

Do you feel the same
Tell me
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