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Fallen Angel


Running away from the past
Leaving the ghost behind
Following the path, searching for light
Darkened remembers of a wasted life
Comes up every day ripping my mind
No!something has to be done
To save me from this tormentor
From these dark days I have to

Run!my soul burns like fine
Looking for redemption
I'm my wings I feel the wind of hope
Flying trough these dark paths
To scape from myself
So I can reach the sacred land
I will see the light again
Dark clouds awaits me jus ahead

But I fear no more
This is not compared
From where I've come
No!something has to be done
To save me from my past, I know...
From these dark ways I have to...
Run!my soul burns like fire
Looking for a new hope

In my wings I feel a new wind come
Salvation, redempetion
All my sins are dark as night
My fate was written by blood
The blood of who opposed me
A painful judgement is waiting for me

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