Black Woman

Judy Mowatt

Black Woman
Black Woman
Light me up
Troubled long
You trod one of life's roughest roads
You got the heaviest load

To be someone
To belong
Too near mile and a half furlong
Don't give up now
Just pray for strength now
For you I dedicate my song

We had forsaked once(?)
In the plantation
Lashes to our skin
On auction blocks we were chained and sold
Handled merchandise
Highly abused and used for refuse (?)
And thrown in garbage bins
But no need for that now
Free us, stand on back now
And help me to sing my song

When you're fighting stand up for the right thing
And not that which is wrong
I heard Rachel mourning for her children
When Herod and Pharaoh took their little heads
But just like Mary and Joseph
Mother of Moses too
Overcame its evil devices
I dedicate my song for you

Black woman
Black woman
I know you've struggled long
I feel your afflictions
To you I dedicate my song
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