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You'd Be In Great Shape If You Ran Like Your Mouth

Just Surrender

Construct a better me
You'll long to see
My parts have gone missing
Scattered like debris
Across a world that I once called my own

Six feet deep jealous of the world above
No longer wander the streets
No more talk of love
On bridges meant for better feet

I once thought I would do you proud
You run your mouth off
Do you think you're talking to me?

I can't sleep when everything I ever believed
Was broken and stolen from me
Conversing with new ghosts to replace me
I hope they cherish you when they share your sheets
'Cause lord knows that I would give my life

Believe me giving up was easy
I try but you can never see me
In your dreams my memory lives on

Even when I'm gone
The more I look I see an enemy
You'll never put your arms around this memory
I've charted your weakness your terror has ended
I'll rescue the pieces and mend all the damage

Did you think that it was going to change?
Every name that you burned and buried all along the way
Don't ask don't tell
Who needs details
When the lives you wreck are the lives that will prevail
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